Monday , 11 December 2017

ACPI Flash BIOS version 1.50 for Toshiba Satellite A300/A305

What’s New in This Version :
*Changed the Hotkey function from “LED On/Off” to “Mute On/Off.”
*Corrected: Adjusting the “Repeat Delay” and “Repeat Rate” in Keyboard Properties has no effect.

Applicable Models:
Satellite: A300-ST4004, A305-S6825, A305-S6829, A305-S6833, A305-S6834, A305-S6837, A305-S6854, A305-S6861, A305-S6853, A305-S6860, A305-S6862, A305-S6859, A305-S6858, A305-S6857, A305-S68531, A305-S6852, A305-S6855, A305-S6841, A305-S6839, A305-S6843, A305-S6844, A305-S6845

Download ACPI Flash BIOS version 1.50 here



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