Kensington SlimBlade Driver 1.4

This driver will enable all enhanced functions of supported SlimBlade products for the Windows XP and Vista operating systems, including tilt wheel, 4-way scrolling and keyboard hotkeys.

This version supports the following products:

  • K72271US/EU – Kensington Si670m Bluetooth Wireless Notebook Mouse

  • K72279US – Kensington SlimBlade Media Notebook Set
  • K72280US/EU – Kensington Slimblade Presenter Media Mouse*
  • K72281US/EU – Kensington Slimblade Trackball Mouse
  • K72282US/EU – Kensington Slimblade Media Mouse*
  • K72283US/EU – Kensington Slimblade Presenter Mouse
  • K72285US/EU – Kensington Slimblade Presenter Mouse
  • K72286US/EU – Kensington Slimblade Media Mouse*
  • K72318US – Kensington SlimBlade Notebook Set
  • K72319EU – Kensington SlimBlade Notebook Media Set
  • K72330US – Kensington SlimBlade Bluetooth Presenter Mouse
  • K72329US – Kensington SlimBlade Bluetooth Portable Set
  • K72332US – Kensington SlimBlade Bluetooth Portable Set
  • K72334 – Kensington SlimBlade Mouse with Nano Receiver

Kensington SlimBlade Driver version 1.4