Saturday , 16 December 2017

S3 Chrome 500 Driver

Drivers undergo continual enhancement, below are the highlights for each release.

– With boards having display port (DP) output, dual-mode HDMI will randomly not turn on after hot plugging between multiple Dual-Mode HDMI displays and DisplayPort display for several times (40723 0363).
– With boards having DP output,connect Dual-mode sink DVI/HDMI to DP, the display monitors are always detected to show as DP in S3 ScrennToy (40731 0363).
– MultiChrome only: On Jetway HI04 motherboard, under MuliChrome supported applications, there is noticeable screen flickering (39301 0363).

– Cannot disable MultiChrome once it is enabled through S3 ScreenToy, until system is reboot.
– Launch FurMark and run Benchmarking, set FullScreen and None MSAA mode under resolution of 1280*1024, notice that the application stops working before benchmark finishes.
– Application stops working during HDR+DoF+RadialBlur Demo in GPU caps viewer.

Download S3 Chrome 500 Driver
S3 Chrome 500 Driver for 32 bit
S3 Chrome 500 Driver for 64 bit