Toshiba NB515 Netbook Drivers For Windows 7 32-bit

The rest of the Toshiba NB515 Netbook hardware specs include, Intel Atom processor, 1GB of DDR3 memory (upgradeable to 4GB), a 250GB hard drive, Bluetooth and Wireless N connectivity, a card reader, and a built-in webcam.

Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Package(v1.0.9; 09-22-2011; 53.11M) tc00349300h.exe
Atheros LAN Driver(v2.0.9.9; 11-25-2011; 7.24M) tc50094000c.exe
Atheros Wireless Lan Driver(v15.3.27.1; 11-26-2011; 26.62M) tc50107200b.exe
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility(v9.2.2.1034; 09-20-2011; 5.55M) tc50106700a.exe
Intel Display Driver(v8.14.8.1064; 12-27-2011; 18.74M ) tc50106600e.exe
Intel Proset Utility (v14.; 10-20-2011; 44.95M) tc50107400b.exe
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver(v10.1.0.1008; 09-20-2011; 12.46M) tc50106900a.exe
Intel Wireless LAN Driver(v14.; 10-20-2011; 9.07M) tc50107300b.exe
Realtek Audio Driver(v6.0.1.6516; 11-30-2011; 98.81M) tc50106500f.exe
Realtek Card Reader(v6.1.7601.30130; 11-08-2011; 12.28M) tc50106400b.exe
Realtek Wireless LAN Driver(v1005.19.0420.2011; 09-20-2011; 21.65M) tc50106800a.exe
Synaptics TouchPad Driver(v15.3.27.1; 11-24-2011; 97.35M) tc50107100c.exe
Toshiba Audio Enhancement Application(v1.0.2.7; 09-21-2011; 5.24M) tc00386600i.exe
Toshiba HW Setup Utility(v2.1.0.6; 12-14-2011; 9.46M) tc50090400g.exe
Toshiba eco Utility(v1.3.9.0; 11-24-2011; 15.18M) tc00148202f.exe
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba(v8.00.13T; 09-22-2011; 78.16M) tc00402000e.exe


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