Saturday , 16 December 2017

Windows XP Drivers For Aspire 3680

The Acer Aspire 3680 series of notebooks runs on a Intel Celeron M processor, delivering increased power and excellent performance. The Acer notebooks in the 3680 series feature a 14.1-inch Acer CrystalBrite LCD screen.. These low-priced Acer notebooks have 512 MB of DDR2 533 MHz memory with dual-channel support Delivers high-performance, entertainment-based multi-tasking and is upgradeable to 2 GB

Agere Modem driver v2.1.63.0
File Size: 713.432 KB

Intel Chipset driver v8.0.0.1009
File Size: 1748.621 KB

Touchpad driver v8.3.0.0
File Size: 4265.379 KB

Audio driver v.
File Size: 20233.348 KB

10/100 LAN driver v8.55.4.3
File Size: 183.006 KB

EZ Dock Modem driver v2.1.53.0
File Size: 714.071 KB

ePresentation Management v2.0.2012
File Size: 3897.74 KB

Logitech and Bison Camera Drivers
File Size: 56167.477 KB

nVidia VGA driver v8.4.8.5 and Intel VGA driver v6.14.10.4543
File Size: 27208.551 KB

Intel ABG Wireless LAN v10.1.1.3
File Size: 79376.619 KB

Atheros Wireless Lan version
File Size: 79376.619 KB

Agere Modem Driver version
File Size: 713.437 KB

6 in 1 Card Reader / CardBus Driver Version
File Size: 3654.635 KB

Broadcom Wireless driver v4.10.40
File Size: 76848.294 KB



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