XP Drivers for Satellite U300

This is the Toshiba Satellite U300 notebook. Stats it gives on the actual notebook seem like a good place to start: Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 13,3-inch 1280×800 pixel, WXGA TFT 160GB DVD-Dual double layer (Supports DVD+R Double layer/ DVD+/-RW) 512MB DDR2 (support dual-channel) 1,3 MP Web Cam Right so the laptop itself is pretty decent even if a little dated by now.

The following software and drivers are compatible with your Toshiba Satellite U300 and running under windows XP.

Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
Version : 6.10.10
Download : Bluetooth Stack-6.10.10.zip

Ricoh Card Reader
Version : 3.51.01
Download : Card%20Reader%20-%20Richo-3.51.01.zip

Chicony Camera Driver and Assistant Software
Version :
Download : Chicony-Camera-

Intel Display Driver
Version :
Download : Display Driver- Intel-

FingerPrint Reader
Version :
Download : FingerPrint Reader-

Intel Chipset Software
Version :
Download : Intel Chipset-8.2..0.1012.zip

Intel Matrix Storage Manager (SATA)
Version :
Download : IntelMatrixStorageManager-3264bit-

Realtek Network (LAN) Driver
Version : 5.664.205.2007
Download : Network Driver -Realtek-5.664.205.2007.zip

Realtek Sound Driver
Version :
Download : Sound Driver-Realtek-

Toshiba HDD Protection
Version :
Download : Toshiba HDD Protection-

Toshiba SD Utilities
Version :
Download : Toshiba SD Utilities-

Toshiba Software Modem
Version :SM2177ALD04
Download : Toshiba Software Modem-SM2177ALD04.zip

Synaptics Touchpad Driver
Version :
Download : Touchpad Driver-

Intel Wireless Network Driver
Version :
Download : IntelWLANDriver_v11.1.1.16forXP.zip


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