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Acer Ferrari 1200 Drivers For Windows XP

The Ferrari 1200 is powered by an AMD Turion X2 Ultra CPU and it also has the AMD M780G chipset in there too to enhance capabilities on the graphics side. you’ll also find a bundled BT wireless mouse, an optional Xpress VoIP phone, WiFi module, and fingerprint reader.

The following drivers are compatible with your Ferrari 1200 notebook and windows XP Operating System.

Realtek Audio driver
Version : v5.10.0.5730
File Size : 49.4 MB

Bluetooth Broadcom driver
Version : v5.1.0.4500
File Size : 97.0 MB

Chicony camera driver
Version : v5.8.33.402
File Size : 9.0 MB

Suyin camera driver
Version :
File Size : 8.4 MB

Realtek card reader driver
Version : v3.0.1.3
File Size : 5.7MB

AMD CPU driver
Version : v1.3.2.0
File Size : 6.7 MB

Acer Fingerprint driver
Version : v6.0.00.01
File Size : 98.4 MB

Acer FIR driver
Version : v4.0.100.1190
File Size : 88.7 MB

Broadcom LAN driver
Version : v10.86.0.0
File Size : 95.8 MB

Agere modem driver
Version : v2.1.87.00
File Size : 711.9 KB

Jmicron other driver
Version : v1.00.01.02
File Size : 539.2 KB

Synaptic touchpad driver
Version : v11.1.4.0
File Size : 25.2 MB

AMD USB driver
Version :
File Size : 963.2 MB

ATI VGA driver
Version : v8.532
File Size : 160.6 MB

Atheros wirelss LAN driver
Version : v7.6.1.149
File Size : 5.3 MB

Broadcom wireless LAN driver
Version : v4.170.25.12
File Size : 4.1 MB

Ralink wireless LAN driver
Version : v1.01.05.0000
File Size : 10.2 MB


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