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Acer Travelmate 2480 Drivers For Windows XP

The TravelMate 2480 delivers mobility, efficiency and value through a wide 14.1″ LCD display. Utilizing an Intel processor and a lightweight form factor with comprehensive wireless connectivity and multimedia functionality, the TravelMate 2480 is designed for maximum efficiency and mobility for all business needs of professionals or users in small and medium sized companies.

The following drivers and software are compatible with your TravelMate 3270, TravelMate 3260, TravelMate 2480, Aspire 3680, Aspire 5580, Aspire 5600, Aspire 5570, Aspire 5570Z, Extensa 4210 that will work with Windows XP.

Acer TravelMate 2480 Drivers For Windows XP

AudioRealtekAudio Driver5.10.0.5273Download
BluetoothBroadcomBluetooth Driver5.0.1.1500Download
CameraBisonCamera Driver5.0.0.8Download
CameraLogitechCamera Driver9.4.4.1082Download
CameraSuyinCamera Driver1.0.0.1Download
CardReaderTICard Reader Driver2.0.0.2Download
ChipsetIntelChipset Driver8.0.0.1009Download
LanMarvellLAN Driver8.59.5.3Download
ModemAgereModem Driver2.1.7.5Download
TouchPadSynapticsTouchpad Driver8.3.0.0Download
VGAIntelVGA Driver6.14.10.4543Download
VGANVIDIAVGA Driver8.4.8.5Download
Wireless LANAtherosWireless LAN Driver5.3.0.45Download
Wireless LANBroadcomWireless LAN Driver4.10.40Download
Wireless LANIntelWireless LAN Driver10.1.1.3Download
Wireless LANQMIWireless LAN Driver4.100.15.5Download

Acer TravelMate 2480 Drivers For Windows Vista

AudioRealtekAudio Driver6.0.1.5413Download
BluetoothBroadcomBluetooth Driver6.0.1.3100Download
CameraBisonCamera Driver6.96.0.06Download
CameraLogitechCamera Driver10.4.0.1319Download
CameraSuyinCamera Driver1.0.9Download
CardReaderTICard Reader Driver2.0.0.6Download
LanMarvellLAN Driver9.11.11.3Download
ModemAgereModem Driver2.1.74.0Download
TouchPadSynapticsTouchpad Driver9.1.0.0Download
VGAIntelVGA Driver7.14.10.1114Download
VGANVIDIAVGA Driver7.15.10.9755Download
Wireless LANAtherosWireless LAN Driver7.1.0.90Download
Wireless LANBroadcomWireless LAN Driver4.102.15.56Download
Wireless LANIntelWireless LAN Driver11.0.0.74Download
Wireless LANQMIWireless LAN Driver4.102.15.61Download


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