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Atheros Wireless LAN Driver – Toshiba Notebook

This driver enables a connection to your Wireless Access Point or to another wireless-enabled PC by using your wireless network card.

System requirements
Windows XP And Vista

Satellite M40 (PSM40), Equium A80, Satellite Pro A210, Tecra A9, Satellite A40, Satellite M50 (PSM53), Satellite M100 (PSMA1), Satellite A100 (PSAA2), Qosmio G10, Equium A210, Satellite 5200-S802, Qosmio F10, Satellite M100 (PSMA2), Portege A200, Satellite A210, Satellite M60, Satego P100, Satellite P100 (PSPAD), Equium A100 (PSAAB), Satellite P300, Portege S100, Satellite A100 (PSAAN), Tecra S5, Satellite A60, Satellite A110 (PSAB0), Satellite M40 (PSM42), Satellite Pro M10, Satellite M50, Satellite M40 (PSM44), Satellite Pro A300, Satellite 2450-202, Portege R200 (PPR21), Equium M100 (PSMA8), Tecra M3 with VACF, Satellite A100 (PSAA8), Satellite M30X, Tecra A2, Tecra S1, Satellite P100 (PSPAG), Satellite A110 (PSAB6), Tecra A3X, Portege M100, Equium A110 (PSAB8), Portege M300, Satellite A100 (PSAAR), Equium M70 (PSM78) , Satellite Pro M30, Portege R200 (PPR20), Satellite L20, Satellite A100 (PSAA9), Satellite P200 (PSPB0), Tecra A5, Satellite 5200-904, Satellite 2450-S303, Tecra M2, Equium A100 (PSAAQ), Equium M70 (PSM77), Equium A300, Satellite A10, Equium A110 (PSAB2), Satellite Pro P100 (PSPA4), Satellite 2450-S103, Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA4), Satellite M70 (PSM71), Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1), Satellite 5200-903, Satellite M40X, Satellite A50, Equium L30, Satellite A200 (PSAEL), Equium P200, Satellite P100 (PSPA3), Satellite 5200-802, Satellite 2450-114, Satellite 2450-401, Satellite 2450-201, Satellite 2450-101, Satego A210, Satellite M70 (PSM70), Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC0), Satellite Pro A100 (PSAAP), Equium L20, Satellite L100 (PSLA0), Satellite M100 (PSMA0), Equium L100, Satellite U200, Satellite Pro A100 (PSAA3), Satellite L30 (PSL33), Satellite P10, Tecra A6 (PTA60E), Qosmio G20 (PQG20), Tecra A3, Tecra M5, Satellite P200 (PSPB3), Tecra M1, Satellite P100 (PSPA0), Tecra M3, Satellite A300, Satellite P20, Tecra A8

Date last modified : 06/16/08
Version :
Company : Atheros
Type : Wireless Lan Driver
Language : Universal
Country : World Wide

Atheros Wireless LAN Driver v7. For Windows XP
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver v7. For Windows Vista