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BlueTooth Driver For ASUS M70

Please first install the Wireless Console Utility before BlueTooth installation.

Version V1.03.0000
Last Update : 2007/09/19
Operating System : Windows Vista
FileSize : 9.73 MB
Category : Bluetooth Driver

If that does not work, though, you can update Bluetooth Drivers ASUS M70, go to Device Manager (right-click on My Computer> Manage). Find the PCI device with a yellow exclamation mark. Right click> Update driver. Furthermore, you can install the drivers by directing your file browse to the folder where you extracted the previous driver.

I have a ASUS M70 that had Vista on it. I wiped all partitions and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I have this same issue saying no audio output device is installed. When I bring up the device manager, it does not even have the list “Sound, video and game controllers”! However, under “Other devices” Multimedia Audio Controller and PCI Input Device show up with errors. It will not find any drivers when I opt to and uninstalling them and rebooting does not resolve the issue either. Any suggestions?