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Download XP Driver For Aspire 5670 & TravelMate 4670

The following software and drivers are compatible with your Aspire 5670 & TravelMate 4670 and running under windows XP.

ATI VGA Driver v8.202.0.0

TouchPad Driver v7.12.13

Intel 802.11a+b+g Wireless LAN Driver v10.1.0.11

Conexant Modem Driver v7.35.0.0

Acer Empowering Framework v2.1.21.41

Acer ePresentation Management v1.1.4.819

Acer eNet Management v1.01.3.006

Launch Manager v1.01.1e

WinFlash Utility

Acer eLock Management v1.7.11.23

Acer OrbiCam CCD Driver v9.4.0.1120

Acer eSettings Management v1.3.4.41

Acer ePower Management v1.8.8.057

Conexant Audio Driver v5.10.0.5191

6 in 1 Card Reader Driver v2.0.0.1

Bluetooth Driver and Application v5.0.1.1200

CIR Driver v5.3.2600.2

Broadcom 4401 LAN Driver v4.28.0.0

EZDock Modem Driver v2.1.53.0

Foxconn 802.11b+g Wireless LAN Driver v4.

Intel Chipset v7.2.2.1006

Intel VGA Driver v6.14.10.4421

Acer GridVista v2.50.1202

FIR Driver v5.1.3600.7

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