Drivers for Satellite A215-S5818

The following drivers,software and user manual are compatible with your Toshiba Satellite A215-S5818 notebook and compatible with Windows Vista.

Below is a list of the most common Satellite A215-S5818 drivers

Realtek Wireless LAN Driver
Version : 6.1116.1226.2007
Category : Wlan Driver
Operating System : Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64

Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
Version :
Category : Wlan Driver

Bluetooth Stack
Version : 6.10.02T
Category : Bluetooth Driver
Operating System: Windows Vista

Realtek Audio Driver
Version :
Category : Audio Driver
Operating System: Windows Vista

Synaptics TouchPad Driver
Version : Logo
Category : TouchPad Driver
Operating System: Windows Vista

ATI Display Driver
Version : 8.401
Category : Display Driver
Operating System: Windows Vista

Ricoh Card Reader Controller
Version : 3.51.01 Logo
Category : Card Reader Driver
Operating System: Windows Vista

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2 thoughts on “Drivers for Satellite A215-S5818”

  1. I realize this is probably not a current / hot topic but I have spent hours on this and I am totally stumped. I have an older A215-S5818 Satellite Laptop that I upgraded to 4 gigs of ram, supposed to be able to support Win 7 with an upgrade from Vista or from a custom/raw Win 7 install.

    Supposedly also supports 32 and 64bit. I have tried both 32 bit Ultimate and 64bit Ultimate – and although I was able to basically install and operate either on the laptop it seemed I was always running into Windows update issues.

    So I thought I would attempt to follow Toshiba’s instructions instead of just Installing from a retail CD.
    I even upgraded the Bios to the latest 2.00 that is supposed to be the latest or last Bios supporting 32/64 bit Win 7.

    After a basic install of either the 32 or 64 bit Win 7, I attempted to use both Toshibas utilities to Install Win 7 Software and Hardware support.
    In every single case I get an error that states that my Toshiba Laptop “Was either not manufactured by Toshiba or the Rom does not support Windows 7” – Totally wierd!?

    Anybody seen anything like this. And the Rom is specifically for Windows 7.

    I even downgraded the Rom to version 1.90 that although not latest still supposedly supported Windows 7.
    Still get the same error? Any ideas… how would a utility with hardware addressing calls not think it was a Toshiba computer and why would it think the Rom didn’t support Windows 7 when they both were specifically for Windows 7.

    I even saw on another message in a Forum that somebody got (I am assuming a 32 bit version) of Windows 10 running on a similar laptop – incredible.

    Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

  2. I have a problem with my card reader in my notebook Satellite A215-S5818. This problem is probably described in session, but I write this problem again. The think is Ricoh Co Ltd R5C822 SD/SDIO/MMC/MS/MSPro Host
    Adapter (rev 19). The problem is: system know about card reader and all modules are loaded, so next to insert card reader my pc don’t make in /dev any device. I examine various distributed kernels in various distribution. I examine my one’s own compilation last vanila kernel 2.6.22-rc1. I examine various procedures such as : loaded modules after starting system or starting system with attachment card reader, etc.
    USB cards reader are working it is no problem. Many people have this problem (I have read in internet) I’d like help it with problem solution. I’ll do any testing in my hardware.

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