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HP Compaq 6735s Drivers For Windows XP

Synaptics Touchpad Driver 11.0.7 A
Last Update : 20 Jun 2008
Operating System : Windows XP/Vista

ADI SoundMAX AD1984A Audio Driver
Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver version 1.0a available for Microsoft Windows XP must be installed on the notebook BEFORE installing the driver in this SoftPaq.
Last Update : 24 Jun 2008
Operating System : Windows XP

TI RS780 Video Driver and Catalyst Control Center 8.513.1.2-080731A-067866C
Last Update : 22 Agustus 2008
Operating System : Windows XP

Chicony Camera Driver 5.8.39004.0 A
Last Update : 14 may 2008
Operating System : Windows XP/Vista

High-Definition Audio (HDA) Modem Installer and Driver 1.00 A
Last Update : 9 Jun 2008
Operating System : Windows XP

Bluetooth Driver 5.1 L
Last Update : 15 Jul 2008
Operating System : Windows XP

Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Controller Driver A
Last Update : 4 Jul 2008
Operating System : Windows XP/Vista

AMD SATA AHCI Controller Driver 3.1.1540.64 A
Last Update : 24 Jun 2008
Operating System : Windows XP/

SCR33x USB Smart Card Reader Driver A
Last Update : 20 Dec 2007
Operating System : Windows XP/Vista

Webcam SoftwareHP Webcam
Size:8.9MB MB[/tab]

[tab title=”Download

HP Compaq 6735s Webcam Software

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  1. pls i need the drivers for my hp compaq 6735s. the system crashed, and i formatted afterwards, but i couldn’t get a drivers for the network controller, even from hp site. anyone who can help me. thank you.

  2. i have hp 6735s but i can’t find my web cam and sound,so how i am i going to do this?

  3. i have a problem with the network drivers for hp 6735s windows vista home basic i have checked the hp website but nothing i found suitable for windows vista please help me?

  4. I have a compaq 2230s and the volume is very low. What can I do?

  5. i installed xp2 on my laptop model no is Compaq 6730s there is no kind of audio in my laptop. i need all drivers those are needed after the fresh window xp2 installation. pls provide the link from which i get all this.

  6. i need drivers for laptop hp compaq 6735s
    any one help me

  7. hello friend i was having the same problam yesterday i searched and at last i found the soution you can also find that follow this links for installing windows xp

    and for drivers


  8. the webcam driver Works perfectly in my HP 2133 Mini-Note PC.and I hope that this driver will be improved so that this laptop is also supported in the future.

  9. I bought a new HP 6735s laptop and when i tryed to enter the bios setup, i was asked to enter a password. The seller of the laptop i cant get in contact with.
    Please i need to know how to enter bios setup…how should i bypass the bios passord????
    I need help.

  10. I bought a new notebook HP Compaq 6735s. When I tried to install os it is booting from cd but it is not recognising harddisk.
    I checked in BIOS but I didn’t find the option where to find harddisk. So please provivide the solution

    Dear you have to go again to the bio setup and go to device configuration there you will find ACHI AND IDE select the IDE option and reboot…
    try the bootable CD…im sure it will work

  11. Note: You have install it manually.
    Go to Device Manager- right click on the modem and click update driver-
    select No, not this time- click next-
    select install from a list or specific location(Advanced)-
    select Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install and click next-
    click on Have Disk… Browse the location and the file under MOH folder and open-
    click OK and the agere system modem driver will be appear…complete the installation and reboot you computer once.. and try…!
    take care all

  12. I had the same problem with my laptop hp 6735s, for the modem you can install “Agere Soft Modem Drivers for High Definition Audio” or “Agere soft modem system HDA”. With me its working fine.

  13. Hi “harddisk”, go into BIOS (click Esc while booting), and change the configuration option AWAY from SATA. It will install after that.

  14. I bought a new notebook HP Compaq 6735s. When I tried to install os it is booting from cd but it is not recognising harddisk.
    I checked in BIOS but I didn’t find the option where to find harddisk. So please provivide the solution

  15. Hi
    Exactly the same problem here…
    I have a HP 6735s notebook with Win Xp Pro Sp2.
    I downlaoded and installed all the needed drivers except one. Im missing the modem driver and i can’t find it. There is no driver on the HP website and i can’t find it with Google either. Some people sad to try with windows update site custom search but it isn’t worked so i need some help….
    If anyone knows where to find it please post the link here or send me an eMail.. Thanks

  16. I have win xp n 6735s. The Audio Driver is on board but the modem refuses to renter. In fact I cant find the modem driver. Pls. help

  17. hi

    I have hp compaq6735s

    I formated my laptop now i need modem driver for xp

    pls help me………………………

  18. Here is the full Link to the HP Drivers for 6735s

    Or Try > support and drivers > type in 6735s in to the product code search > select XP pro >these ‘should’ work for XP home as well

  19. I have to install XP to 5 of these Laptops ! Install XP by inserting the XP CD and follow through to Remove the Existing partition, recreate it, then format it do not use the quick format. Once that has been done XP will load as nomal. You will need all the drivers for XP. I googled them to get to this site. or try or your own local country site for HP

  20. What is the best procedure to install windows XP on a HP Compaq 6735s?

    anyone help me!!!!!

  21. Hi – I have a Compaq 6735s with windows vista and I cannot find settings for mouse pad or the finger scanner. Under programs files/Drivers there are two files as follows;
    1. AMD64 & 2. i386 .
    I don’t know how to get Fingerprint scanner installed and set up. Are you able to poit me to some instruction on this please.

  22. I have set up OS Win XP x64 because the preconfiged vista system was to eating tooo much ressources.

    ….but i cant install the newst Audio Driver.

    Can someone help me?

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