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HP Compaq Presario 2167AE Drivers For Windows XP

HP Compaq Presario 2167AE drivers are the programs that enable the communication between the hardware devices and the Windows XP operating system. Outdated, incompatible or incorrectly configured HP drivers can cause various PC issues, like USB device not recognized, black screen, endless bootloop, etc. So it’s important to download the latest HP driver updates regularly to keep the high-performance of the Compaq Presario 2167AE notebook.

You could go to HP driver download page to look for and manually download the Compaq Presario 2167AE drivers you need, such as Wireless driver,Camera driver,Ethernet driver, etc. We’d like to inform you that many drivers are not available for download any more.

If you can’t find the exact Compaq Presario 2167AE drivers download solution, you could click the button below to free download Compaq Presario 2167AE drivers directly.

If you are looking for available drivers or software related to your HP Compaq Presario 2167AE notebook. The following software and drivers are compatible with your Compaq Presario 2167AE and Microsoft Windows XP.

Driver – Audio
Conexant Audio Driver for Windows XP 1.00 A
Driver – Graphics
ATI Video Driver and Control Panel 8.003.3-040515a-016016C
ATI Mobility U1 Video Driver for Windows XP 7.80 A
Driver – Keyboard, Mouse and Input Devices
Synaptics Touchpad Driver 7.12.7 H2
Registry Update for Synaptics Touchpad Driver 1.00
Synaptics Touchpad Driver with Hardware Scroll
Notebooks One-Touch Buttons Support Software 1.00 Rev. D
Driver – Network
Broadcom WLAN Network Adapters Driver for Windows XP 3.00 B
Broadcom WLAN Network Adapters User Interface 2.00 B
National Semiconductor DP83815/816 10/100 MacPhyter NDIS 5.0 Miniport Driver for Windows 2000/XP 1.00 C
QSI SBW-241 DVD/CD-RW Drive Firmware VH07 Rev. 0
Operating System – Enhancements
Notebooks Fix for HPPhoto Problems 1.00 A
Operating System – Enhancements and QFEs
Notebook Utilities for Windows 2000/XP 5.00 Rev C
Software – Multimedia
Music Match Jukebox Application 7.5 B
Software – Solutions
Help and Support Center 4.1 H
Help and Support Center 3.20 H

If you have any questions about Compaq Presario 2167AE drivers download and update, please leave comments below the post.


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