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HP Spectre 12-a000 x2 Laptop Windows 10 Drivers

HP Spectre 12-a000 x2 Laptop Windows 10 Drivers
The HP Spectre 12-a000 x2 laptop feature set including stereo speakers, 5 MP HP TrueVision Full HD Webcam (front-facing) with integrated dual digital microphones; 8 MP HP TrueVision HD Webcam (rear-facing), two USB 3.1 ports, HDMI video output port, support for the latest 802.11AC wireless networking standard, Bluetooth interface, a combo microphone/headphones audio jack, and a multi-in-one media card reader.

If you are looking for available drivers or software related to your HP Spectre 12-a000 x2. The following software and drivers are compatible with your HP Spectre 12-a000 x2 and Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit.

Conexant High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver8.65.133.53 Rev.C84.9 MBMay 17, 2017Download
Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver10.1.1.9 Rev.A3.0 MBOct 2, 2015Download
Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Client Driver8.1.10604.207 Rev.B19.4 MBJan 1, 2016Download
Intel HID Event Filter Driver1.1.0.311 Rev.B1.5 MBJan 1, 2016Download
Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver3.0.20.3157 Rev.B37.1 MBJan 1, 2016Download
Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver11.0.0.1176 Rev.C63.5 MBMay 6, 2016Download
Intel Platform ME Firmware Update01 Rev.A221.5 MBDec 14, 2017Download
Intel RealSense Depth Camera Management (DCM) Driver2.1.27.2853 Rev.C74.5 MBOct 21, 2016Download
Intel Serial IO Driver30.63.1519.7 Rev.B4.0 MBJan 1, 2016Download
Intel Software Guard Extensions Device (SGX) Driver1.0.26805.1389 Rev.A4.3 MBOct 2, 2015Download
Intel Virtual Buttons Driver1.1.0.21 Rev.A1.4 MBOct 2, 2015Download
Semtech SX9306 Proximity Sensor Drivers1.0.3.0 Rev.B4.0 MBJan 1, 2016Download
Realtek Card Reader Driver10.0.10586.21287 Rev.B18.0 MBMay 6, 2016Download
Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver20.19.15.4364 Rev.C176.2 MBMay 6, 2016Download
Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver (Windows 10 v1511) Rev.C281.6 MBMar 16, 2018Download
HP Universal Camera Driver30.10154.6499.96 Rev.A92.2 MBOct 2, 2015Download
HP lt4110/lt4114 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Drivers12.1803.8.7 Rev.A25.7 MBAug 11, 2015Download
HP lt4120 Snapdragon X5 LTE Drivers1.0.1.44 Rev.A170.4 MBNov 27, 2015Download
Intel Bluetooth Driver (Windows 10)18.1.1546.2762 Rev.M21.7 MBJan 6, 2016Download
Intel Wireless LAN Drivers (Windows 10) Rev.P219.1 MBJan 5, 2016Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver14.6.0.1029 Rev.B12.0 MBJan 1, 2016Download
HP Firmware Pack (Intel Processors)F.29 Rev.A9.7 MBJan 5, 2018Download
HP Recovery Manager Update2.00 Rev.A1.9 MBJan 29, 2016Download
Intel RealSense Camera Calibrator1.0.8 Rev.A2.0 MBOct 31, 2016Download
Intel RealSense RGB Camera Calibrator1.0.7 Rev.A45.4 MBSep 23, 2016Download
Intel Wireless Display Software6.0.57.0 Rev.A122.0 MBJan 6, 2016Download
ENERGY STAR Qualified Power Plan1.0.9 Rev.B4.1 MBApr 16, 2014Download
HP Recommended Power Plan1.00 Rev.A1.7 MBDec 16, 2015Download
HP Support Assistant8.1.40.3 Rev.A38.7 MBOct 13, 2015Download
HP System Event Utility1.40 Rev.A3.4 MBOct 16, 2015Download