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S3 Chrome 400 Driver

The Chrome 400 series consists of three discrete parts with low power specs that expands the Chrome 400 feature set to include HD video hardware support (1080p with either H.264 or VC-1) as well as adding some video processing elements like iDCT, VLD and motion compensation. It also adds HDMI support, according to the documentation, which is necessary if you plan on delivering Blu-ray or other DRM-infested HD video to your really big living room screen.

S3 Graphics Chrome 400 Series graphics accelerators for PCI Express systems include:
Desktop: CHROME 430 GS, CHROME 430 GT, CHROME 440 GTX(9043, 9045)
Mobile: CHROME 430 ULP, CHROME 435 ULP

If you are looking for available drivers or software related to your S3 Chrome 400. The following software and drivers are compatible with yourS3 Chrome 400 and Microsoft Windows Vista 32/64-bit.

Download S3 Chrome 400 Driver
S3 Chrome 400 Driver for Windows Vista 32bit
S3 Chrome 400 Driver for Windows Vista 64bit

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