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Toshiba Fingerprint Utility For Toshiba Portege R400-S4834

The Toshiba Fingerprint Utility enables logon to your computer using fingerprints and works on Windows XP And Vista.

Portege: R400-S4831, R400-S4832, R400-S4931, R400-S4835, R400-S4933, R400-S4834, R400-S4833, R400-S49311, R400-S4932, R405

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Version: 5.6.0 Build 3221
Size: 12,669,088 bytes
Posted: 12/18/06
Released Date: 12/08/06
Applicable Categories: Security, Toshiba Utility
Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows XP
Download : Toshiba Fingerprint Utility v5.6.0 Build 3221