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Toshiba NB515 Netbook Drivers For Windows 7 32-bit

The rest of the Toshiba NB515 Netbook hardware specs include, Intel Atom processor, 1GB of DDR3 memory (upgradeable to 4GB), a 250GB hard drive, Bluetooth and Wireless N connectivity, a card reader, and a built-in webcam.

If you are looking for available drivers or software related to your Toshiba NB515 laptop. The following software and drivers are compatible with your Toshiba NB515 and Microsoft Windows 7.

Below is a list of the most common Toshiba NB515 drivers

Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Package(v1.0.9; 09-22-2011; 53.11M)Downloadtc00349300h.exe
Atheros LAN Driver(v2.0.9.9; 11-25-2011; 7.24M)Downloadtc50094000c.exe
Atheros Wireless Lan Driver(v15.3.27.1; 11-26-2011; 26.62M)Downloadtc50107200b.exe
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility(v9.2.2.1034; 09-20-2011; 5.55M)Downloadtc50106700a.exe
Intel Display Driver(v8.14.8.1064; 12-27-2011; 18.74M )Downloadtc50106600e.exe
Intel Proset Utility (v14.; 10-20-2011; 44.95M)Downloadtc50107400b.exe
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver(v10.1.0.1008; 09-20-2011; 12.46M)Downloadtc50106900a.exe
Intel Wireless LAN Driver(v14.; 10-20-2011; 9.07M)Downloadtc50107300b.exe
Realtek Audio Driver(v6.0.1.6516; 11-30-2011; 98.81M)Downloadtc50106500f.exe
Realtek Card Reader(v6.1.7601.30130; 11-08-2011; 12.28M)Downloadtc50106400b.exe
Realtek Wireless LAN Driver(v1005.19.0420.2011; 09-20-2011; 21.65M)Downloadtc50106800a.exe
Synaptics TouchPad Driver(v15.3.27.1; 11-24-2011; 97.35M)Downloadtc50107100c.exe
Toshiba Audio Enhancement Application(v1.0.2.7; 09-21-2011; 5.24M)Downloadtc00386600i.exe
Toshiba HW Setup Utility(v2.1.0.6; 12-14-2011; 9.46M)Downloadtc50090400g.exe
Toshiba eco Utility(v1.3.9.0; 11-24-2011; 15.18M)Downloadtc00148202f.exe
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba(v8.00.13T; 09-22-2011; 78.16M)Downloadtc00402000e.exe

If you come across any Toshiba NB515 Drivers download issues, please ask for help in the comments section below.