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Windows XP Drivers For Acer Aspire 4530 and Aspire 4530G

The Acer Aspire Aspire 4530 Notebook featuring a CrystalBrite 14.1″ display, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor performance and 2GB RAM for ultra quick system response and effortless multitasking. Acer Crystal Eye webcam lets you stay in touch with friends and family with live online chats and VOIP conversations, you can also easily take still pictures too.

Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
File size : 928.25 KB

Atheros Wireless LAN Driver v7.6.0.239
File size : 5.3 MB (5,488,892 bytes)

Suyin CCD Camera Driver v5.8.48.501.1
File size : 6.6 MB (6,857,320 bytes)

Realtek Audio Driver v6.0.1.5624
File size : 42.7 MB (44,677,909 bytes)

Bluetooth Foxconn Driver v5.1.0.4200
File size : 98.5 MB (103,277,322 bytes)

Bluetooth Foxconn Driver v5.1.0.4200
File size : 98.5 MB (103,277,322 bytes)

Realtek Card Reader Driver v6.0.6000.66
File size : 4.6 MB (4,732,958 bytes)

Bison CCD Camera Driver
File size : 11.3 MB (11,755,465 bytes)

Chipset Driver v17.04
File size : 161.6 MB (169,368,852 bytes)

AHCI Driver v10.3.0.23
File size : 297 KB (303,530 bytes)

Finger Print Driver v6.0.00.13
File size : 95.4 MB (99,947,655 bytes)

Broadcom LAN Driver v10.78.0.0
File size : 62.53 MB

Launch Manager v2.0.0.5
File size : 2.9 MB (2,993,459 bytes)

Conexant MODEM Driver v7.73.00.00
File size : 1.9 MB (1,926,248 bytes)

Synaptics Touchpad Driver v10.2.4.0
File size : 25.0 MB (26,171,359 bytes)

Nvidia VGA Driver v6.14.11.7590.
File size : 70.66 MB

Broadcom WLAN Driver v4.170.64.5
File size : 4.39 MB



  1. i am having terribly troubles with my crystal eye webcam on my acer aspire 4530. at first when i was trying to video chat it was saying i do not have a camera. its a built in webcam so obviously i do. so then i kept trying it. i restarted my computer multiple times and tried it again with nothing else running but that didnt work because then it said that i was using it with other applications so i uninstalled the webcam max thing i had on there and it still said it so i tried uninstalling the crystal eye picture taker, thinking i could reinstall it but now its nowhere on my laptop and i dont know what to do one of the reasons i got this was for the webcam. someone please help me!

  2. Has anyone found a working xp bluetooth driver for this model? I did not worry about it when i first bought it as i had no bluetooth devices but now i have several and would like to use them. Been searching for about 3 hours with no luck =(
    Installing the one here nothing happens, it says it cant find bluetooth device.

  3. Hey shi0bu. I have the same exact model as you. Unfortunately I bought it second hand so I don’t have a manual, and none of the wireless drivers for xp seem to be working on my laptop. Which ones did you use?
    p.s. If i find a working bluetooth driver for this model I’ll let you know.

  4. Nice little laptop. Picked it up for $440 shipped. Installed XP and everything has been running great.

    Only one problem, I can’t get my bluetooth mouse to recognize. Pressing the bluetooth button on to the left of the keyboard does nothing. It doesn’t even light up. Going into the bluetooth configuration or accessing the bluetooth in Control Panel tells me that no devices are connected or found. I did make sure to press the connect button on my mouse, btw.

    The “Quick Guide” manual that came with my Aspire 4530-6823 says that it has “WPAN: Bluetooth 2.0+EDR”, and the site that I purchased it from listed the laptop with bluetooth as a feature. I also tried the drivers earlier in the comments section, as well as the XP bluetooth drivers on Acer’s product support site. Looking at Acer’s product page and Newegg’s listing for the same model, they don’t list bluetooth as a feature.

    A quick peek at some blogs and forums reveal that some people have bluetooth on their 4530, and some claim that it doesn’t have such a feature. Do some models carry bluetooth while others do not?

    If you have any suggestions, please e-mail shi0bu at gmail.com. Thnx.

  5. mine is acer aspire 4530, it has webcam and used to function very well. suddenly my laptop would not open and so my my technician installed an OS i guess. when it was given back, the acer webcam icon is gone and i could not find it anywhere. i tried to download one but its says it could not be saved because source is unknown (?) something like that…could you please help me on this? thanks

  6. If the error is BLUE Screen while setup process, you’ve to change a setting in BIOS.
    1) Press F2 while booting up.
    2) Go to Main, then SATA Mode
    3) Change to IDE Mode (NOT AHCI Mode)
    4)Press F10 and hit Enter (That’ll save the changes and quit).
    That solved my problem.

  7. Pls help me, i am tried of trying to install Win XP to my Acer Aspire 4530-5267, It gives Blue Screen after boot files copied..

  8. The Aspire AS4530-5350 came on time and in excellent condition. I love it. Sure beats the dell I had hands down. It’s quick, stylish and easy to use. What else can I say? Oh, the fact that it does so much and it was only $499, I highly recommend it!

  9. I’ve buy from amazon Acer Aspire 4230 with windows vista premium installed. So I removed and put an XP SP2 on it, but I can’t find ANY driver on the internet. do you have this driver on xp? plz email me

  10. i have a Acer Aspire 4530 intel with windows xp and i need chipset driver… were to get the driver can u plz email me

  11. I installed vista on my aspire 4530G laptop. It sucked so i wanted to go back to windows xp pro. I accidentally set the wrong partition on my hard drive as active so my computer wouldn’t boot any more. I somehow erased the e recovery console hidden in the C drive so the only option was to take it back to arrow and have them re install xp pro.

  12. my webcam on my laptop is not turning on…. please send send e-mail with the software

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